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The “StudioMerlati” dental care service (the owner is Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Merlati, DDS PhD) was established in Pavia on 1995 and is currently located in Via Cardano, 19.
The office is actually new fashioned and well equipped in the aim to offer all the professional dental services to children and adults. …

The owner, the assistants and all the employees are always ready to welcome you with a smile and to provide any kind of information before, during and after the treatment.
Located in the historical old Pavia downtown, it is the reference dental center for those who live or work there. Open daily from lunch to evening, it is equipped for emergency dental care as far as for long time planning of the dental specialties. …

We provide: dental radiology, preventive dentistry, dental anesthesiology, dentistry for children, orthodontics, operative dentistry, endodontics, implantology, periodontics, surgery, aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry. We specialize in optimal dental care with an emphasis on a delicate touch and our dental team has years of experience in the most sensitive patients. …

There are many agreements with different assistance services and new proposals are welcomed. It is important to know that the “StudioMerlati” was authorized by resolution of the 107/DG 31.01.2002 Local Health Agency and Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Merlati is regularly listed at N°532 College of Physicians and Dentists of Pavia. …

Who I am


Real owner

Would you know something more about me? | This is my life:

Giuseppe Merlati was born in Pavia on april 7th, 1966. DDS, magna cum laude, at the University of Pavia in 1995. The title of the dissertation was “Thermocycling the samples in dental materials research: a new automatic laboratory device”; the equipment was patented (national, Italian patent) and it’s currently used as a scientific standard in pre-clinical testing of dental materials. As a dentist he joined the former Dental Clinic - general dentistry service - and he carried out a lot of studies on dental materials. Research assistant in 1998, he joined the historic “Silvio Palazzi” Department at the University of Pavia, actually “Dipartimento di Scienze Clinico-Chirurgiche, Diagnostiche e Pediatriche”.

As a full time – tenure track dentist, he joined the “San Matteo” hospital where he practiced general and emergency dentistry till the 2000; Giuseppe Merlati’s intense scientific activity was related to Dental Materials and Prosthetic Laboratory Technology. After the establishment of the new “Poliambulatorio Monospecialistico di Odontoiatria” he joined several appointments: referee for the radiological equipment, referee for personal ID (privacy) management, advisor – radiology management, advisor - medical devices conformity, referee for the continuing education in dental radiology, member of the Board for MD State Examination (2002-8) and referee for the Experimental Laboratory for Dental Materials and Prosthetic Technology.

Adjunct Professor on 2006, Giuseppe Merlati’s intense scientific activity gave materials for eight books and several publications, congress reports and papers in national and international meetings. Concerning the educational activity, Prof. Merlati supported the official courses of “Dental Materials” and “Technology of the Dental Laboratory Practice” with series of seminars and practical exercises, also organising and setting up multimedial learning facilities. Awards: Borse di Studio per la Ricerca Applicata SIOCMF-Unidi, 1995; Satisfecit du GIRSO, 2004; Lauréat du Prix du GIRSO, 2009; Best Poster Presentation - Collegio dei Docenti di Odontoiatria, 2011. Scientific appointments: Asesor Cientifico (reviewer) - Revista Estomatologia, 2007-; Reviewer - Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 2009-; Associate Editor - Bulletin du GIRSO, 2009-; Editorial Board “Materiali e Tecnologie Odontostomatologiche”, 2011; Jurados (reviewer) - Revista DYNA, 2012-; Reviewer - Progress in Orthodontics, 2012-; Editorial Board “Materiali e Tecnologie Odontostomatologiche per Igienista Dentale”, 2013


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