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  • Scholarships for Applied Research SIOCMF-Unidi, 1995
  • Satisfecit du GIRSO, 2004
  • Lauréat du Prix du GIRSO, 2009
  • best poster presentation - College of Dental Doctors, 2011

Other scientific assignments:

  • Asesor Cientifico – Revista Estomatologia, 2007
  • Reviewer – Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 2009
  • Associate Editor – Bulletin du GIRSO, 2009
  • Editorial Committee on "Materials and Odontostomatological Technologies", 2011;
  • Jurados – Revista DYNA, 2012
  • Reviewer – Progress in Orthodontics, 2012
  • Editorial Committee on "Materials and Odontostomatological Technologies for Dental Hygienists", 2013


Giuseppe Merlati was born in Pavia on 7 April 1966.

In 1995 he graduated with honors in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis with a completely original experimental thesis entitled: "The thermocycling in the study of dental materials: a new fully automated proposal"; this work gave birth to laboratory equipment, patented and still scientifically consolidated.

Both as a student and, later, as a graduate dentist, he attended the then Institute of Dental Clinic engaging in clinical activity and especially research in the field of Dental Materials.

University researcher in 1998, Dr. Giuseppe Merlati asked to belong to the then historic Department of Odontostomatologic Disciplines "Silvio Palazzi" of the University of Pavia, currently section of the Department of Clinical-Surgical, Diagnostic and Pediatric Sciences.

Under the Agreement of Assistance with the then IRCCS Policlinico "San Matteo" until 2000, he worked on general and urgent dentistry as well as the study of dental materials and prosthetic and laboratory technologies.

Subsequently, after the foundation of the Monospecialistico Dentistry Clinic, he carried out official assignments including:

  • Head of the Radiological Plant
  • Responsible for the processing of personal data (2009-10)
  • Responsible for Radiogenic Sources
  • Compliance Officer of Medical Electromedical Devices
  • Responsible for the Professional Compulsory Upgrade on the subject of Radiation Protection
  • Commissioner for the Professional Qualification of Surgeon (2002-8)
  • Head of the Educational Laboratory of Dental Materials and Prosthetic Technologies

Since March 2006, he has been recognized as an Aggregate Professor.

Prof. Merlati has carried out and still carries out an intense didactic, scientific study and research activity which has provided topics and materials for eight monographs and numerous original and in extenso printed publications, as well as reports and conference communications at conferences national and international.

In particular, as regards teaching activities, in the exercise of activities related to his role, Prof. Giuseppe Merlati has designed cycles of seminars, lectures, and practices, in official custody, for the courses of "Dental Materials" and of "Prosthetic and Laboratory Technologies," and was both the creator and performer of multimedia seminars for students of the Master's Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, as well as of the Degree Course in Dental Hygiene.

The main research fields see Dental Materials in the foreground with particular regard to the Regulations concerning Medical Devices, as well as Laboratory Technologies, with also Technical Consultancy activities even for Medical-Legal purposes and also scientific confluence in other areas of competence such as Forensic Odontology in personal identification.

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