The purpose of fixed or mobile orthodontics is to correct incorrect dental and bone positions. When the malposition or malocclusion is already present, a corrective orthodontic therapy will be adopted, if there were still no anomalies and a future malocclusion could be perceived, orthodontic treatment of an intercepting type can be undertaken.

The lack of orthodontic treatment does not allow to correct or intercept an anomaly of dental or skeletal position.

What is orthodontics?

Impressions and plates are initially performed for the study of the case and the measurement of the bone structures as well as the relationship between the dental arches. Once the type of treatment has been defined (fixed or mobile), further impressions are detected that are useful for the construction of the necessary device that will be applied to the teeth. The equipment and the progress need continuous and constant control overtime required for the treatment.

We are experts in traditional metallic fixed orthodontics, the so-called "multibrackets," as well as aesthetic orthodontics with ceramic or tooth-colored (of the same color as the tooth), we are also experts in "lingual orthodontics," the so-called "invisible" Because it is placed on the inner surface of the teeth. Finally, we have several removable orthodontic techniques for children and adults, as well as the famous "aligners" to act on dental malpositions with the famous "transparent" masks.

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