TC and 3D overview

In our studio, we always try to make use of the best technologies available and which allow us to offer the high-quality standards of our therapies, so we have installed a TC Cone Beam machine that can evaluate the patient's arches in 3D and all the information for a perfect treatment.

The TC Cone Beam machine allows you to reproduce sections (tomography) and to generate a three-dimensional image of the skull (or some of its areas) through radiation in the shape of a conical beam acquired by a digital sensor and processed by a computer. Especially if we have a case of implantology, the radiological examination is indispensable because it is the only investigation that allows studying the patient's maxillary bones well to insert dental implants correctly. Until the 1990s the single exam that allowed for this type of three-dimensional study was Computerized Axial Tomography (T.A.C.) Dentascan.

Our TC scan machine is one of the few that pays great attention to obtaining the correct diagnostic test using a low X-ray dosage.

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